Tuesday, November 21, 2006

New pics in my Flickr account.

I’ve decided to dump most of the images I have of the recent training camp with Tuhon Gaje at San Mateo, Rizal and those I took during the local shoot of “Fight Quest” (a Discovery Channel series on martial arts), to my Flickr account.

I just realized that I didn’t calibrate my monitor so I’ll be uploading newly corrected pics as soon as I can finish the color correction.

Yes, I have footage of the final match between the 2 hosts and the Marine Recon Marine Pekiti Tirsia Kali instructors but I promised to keep them from Youtube until the series airs.


Compare Styles guy said...

Do you have any idea when "Fight Quest" will be on the discovery channel?

I am a student of one of Tuhon's Students and the host of Combatant: Extreme Self Defense. I will be reading your blog soon, looks like good stuff.

Tony said...

I have been studying/practicing/teaching Kali for about 18 years. I really like your posts. The LEGO concept is especially good to get children to understand the concept of what we do. (especially if they've had former training in another martial art) Please keep posting your thoughts. We'll keep reading.