Monday, June 12, 2006

Pekiti Tirsia Kali after 40

My body is starting to come to terms with my return to FMA training. Slowly, old muscle memories are being recalled. What surprised me is that I’ve retained so much of the core skills such as the footwork, basic strikes and drills. All these just clicked back into place the moment I took my first swing with the sticks. It’s amazing to see all of these reflexes still there, just waiting for me to use.

What I do have to get used to is my longer recovery time. Back then, a hard training session would barely make itself felt the next day. Now there’s lingering soreness and some dull aches here and there 2 days after the last session. Not good. Maybe some of it is also because my body is slowly waking up to the harsh reality of Pekiti Tirsia training. Of course I also chalk it up to plain old age. But I mustn’t let my age got to me that much; the last thing I need is to start convincing myself that I’m over the hill.

The familiar blistering on my palms are not as bad as when I first started Pekiti Tirsia and maybe it’s because I’m either not holding the stick in a death grip anymore or maybe we’re no longer doing the 500 strikes like we used to do back then. My shoulders are no longer feeling tight and my arms and wrists are starting to loosen up as well. Now, if only my gut will start shrinking..

I’ve also been adding some weekday session on my own, until our group can find a new venue for weekday classes. Nothing too bad, just a few hundred basics strikes with footwork. Until my brother gets good at contradas, I’ll have to practice solo for now.

Overall, it’s not been too bad. Just have to hang in there and wake up more of those dormant warrior skills.