Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Pekiti Tirsia BBC Video

Someone finally uploaded part of the BBC documentary on FMA, featuring Pekiti Tirsia. I was at the police camp segment and I was looking for myself in the background, among the killer police recruits. Those guys were hard as nails and probably crack coconuts with their foreheads as a form of amusement. It was hot as hell that day and I remember looking into the prison next door. The police recruits said they got back at the convicts who jeer them or played their karaoke too loud by burning the tires and have the wind do the rest.

Next, Tuhon Gaje and Rommel do knife drills. Seems a little slow for me but then maybe it's better that way; if those two go full speed, you won't see most of the action.

oracion was really interesting. I've seen Tuhon Gaje's anting anting and it does look like a rock with eyes on them. Somewhat creepy but very fascinating.

I wish I can get the rest of this video. I'm sure there was a lot of amazing footage from Negros that didn't make the final edit. Would be great to see those.

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