Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Painkillers needed

The soreness from the practice session on Saturday is just starting to wear off. Instead of enumerating what parts of me hurt, it would be simpler to just list down what doesn't hurt. Rommel was being kind to me I guess, for not practicing for months. He could have done the old "Marine Corps Pekiti Tirsia" format but he was nicer this time around. Still had to swing the sticks in multiples of a hundred LOL.

I was surprised how much of it I still remember. My swing may be a little slower but it's still somewhat accurate. The tracking is still ok but I have to work on the wrist flexibility and of course the power.

It's refreshing to be back to studying FMA. I always wanted to get back and maybe I was a little apprehensive about how I'd cope with being so out of shape. But now that I got over that little mental hurdle, I do want to keep this up. My blood pressure is still a little high and getting in shape is no longer a choice, it's a priority.

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